Music for Home Projects: New Mixtapes

Well, we’ve been confined to our homes for the past few weeks. Maybe you’re practicing to be the next contestant on the Great British Baking Show. Maybe you’re crushing every TikTok challenge there is. Perhaps you’re dominating in a “friendly” competition between your family members to log the most hours affixed to the couch.

Whatever your tactics to pass the time may be, Marmoset can help craft the perfect soundtrack. That’s why we’ve put together two new mixtapes for those stay-at-home days.

Music For Podcasts

If you’re taking some time to record a DIY podcast we’ve got you covered with this mixtape curated by Marmoset. Featuring music for any mood, you can detail the saga of a lost puppy who finds his way home or solve a whodunit involving a tiger and a woman whose name rhymes with Sheryl Maskin. From instrumental beds to title themes, get inspired to tell your story with this mixtape.

Continental Continuum

Maybe you’re taking a more relaxed approach to staying at home by planning future vacations and day dreaming of far off lands. We’ve got your soundtrack for that, too. Marmoset’s roster includes musicians from every continent except Antarctica (anyone know a good A&R person down there?) — from our backyard in Portland, OR to Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar (not joking). Take a trip around the globe with our Continental Continuum mixtape.

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