Marmoset Releases 2020 Reel — Together Sounds Better

Goodbyes are never easy. But as we bid a fond farewell to 2019 it’s a heck of a lot more fun reminiscing about the countless collaborations with clients and artists like yourself. Our year in review meant a lot of gratitude for the timeless, steadfast connections while honoring the start of new ones — no matter the project, it all came back to the community of people who all make it happen.

Marmoset artist, Mirror Gazer

Marmoset artist, Mirror Gazer

After all, while we’re all tackling 2020 with reinvigorated pizazz, our roots stay put in cheering on our community. So as we make our way down memory lane, we realize what better way to showcase our work than presenting the talented artists behind the music?

Hitting play on our 2020 reel means teleporting to New York City where you’ll meet six Marmoset artists who cross paths and travel through the concrete jungle. Along their journey you’ll get to hear all the music that’s been licensed, scored and produced for different placements, campaigns, TV shows and movies throughout 2019.

Jump in when you’re ready and hit play to get started.

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