Cowboys in Nike: Meet Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club


When thinking of the terms “cowboy” and “cowgirl”, a vast open range with roaming armadillos, dusty trails and galloping horses riding off into the sunset may come to mind. In the case of the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, the big open range looks a bit different.

Nestled in an urban landscape, the Fletcher Street club stables are in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood of north Philadelphia, on the edge of Fairmount Park. Here, other city dwellers are no stranger to witnessing riders on their horses trotting through the neighborhood.

““Especially when you come on this block — everybody’s family.” ”


Trading cactus for concrete, the inner-city program offers so much more than an intriguing sight to behold. Part of the city’s community for over 100 years, today the club is recognized as a non-profit that’s cultivating better alternatives for its community.

Teaming up with club members in its campaign, Nike offers an closer look of what it means to be a Fletcher Street Urban rider. Featuring “This Summer” by /kənˈsistənt/, the video carries a message of hope and togetherness. Here you won’t find just people galloping around on horses, you’ll find a community building themselves up.

Watch the campaign below to learn more.

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