Marmoset Goes on Holiday Break

Winding down from 2019, it’s no surprise that every milestone and memory involves our community in some shape or form. From the gleaming nonprofits we partner with, like Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls Camp who empower girls through music and IRCO who support the needs of immigrants and refugees — we’re thankful to be part of this rippling effect of positive impact.

But our community wouldn’t be complete without our artists, whose work we not only represent but of which we’re the biggest fans. It was a year of crossing thresholds, like when our artist payout number reached a record of $20M in October. We also welcomed emerging bands and musicians to our roster while amplifying new music produced by veteran artists. We even kickstarted a new mini concert series showcasing our roster’s raw talents while opening our doors to collectives like Umbrellaslang.

Working so closely with our artists — while fueled by a mission to create positive change — the year also marks meaningful collaborations with our clients: the people who we travel all over the world to see, the people who stop by Marmoset HQ to chat and chill over a glass of kombucha. It’s these connections that lead to powerful projects, like pioneering podcast On She Goes and Lyft’s storytelling series on the immigration crisis.

So thank you for joining us in a bountiful year of giving back, creating outstanding work and sharing amazing music.

The Marmoset Team will be out of office December 19th through January 1st, to return January 2, 2019.

This doesn’t mean you can’t send us your messages, for urgent project/quote inquiries, you can reach us at Please note response time will vary — we’ll do our very best to meet requests.

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