‘Think Outside Da Block’ Partners with TOMS


Amidst the downtrodden realities of this world, it can feel challenging at times to spot the light — the everyday (no matter how small) victories achieved by positive enforcers, the do-gooders, the people showing up for their communities. But it is actually happening.

For Englewood, a South Side neighborhood of Chicago, the unfolding change for good can be traced back to non-profits like Think Outside Da Block — an influential organization impacting their community through youth development. Constructed with intention in togetherness, Think Outside Da Block takes control of the future by proactively shaping the present.

A facilitator of many activities tailored specifically to youth, the nonprofit goes beyond your typical after school program; it’s a program that underlines the importance of physically stepping into one’s community. This carries over to the program’s activities like Roll N Peace, a community bike ride that invites participants to get curious about their surrounding neighborhoods.

So why is biking around one’s neighborhood such a remarkable experience? The initiative rekindles a new sense of promise for peace and refreshing one’s outlook. Through their own experiences, the youth are able to push past the media’s cliche depiction of Englewood’s violent reputation, to create a new narrative for their streets.

Community focused brand TOMS captured Think Outside Da Block’s latest bike tour, interviewing the nonprofit’s founder Maurice “Pha’tal” Perkins. “Wrecker” by Marmoset artist, Bossfight plays in the background as rising rap artist Pha’tal enforces the purpose of the organization — empowering the youth of the community to think outside their block.

Watch the social video campaign below.

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