Music Meets Law, Who We’re Partnering with This Year


Looking into Marmoset’s culture, the outsider would find many unique qualities about us. From the way we make themed mixtapes to share with each other, to the whiskey tastings we spontaneously host in the afternoons from time to time. At the core of these things is our mission to stay connected with one another, to keep up with what’s happening in each other’s lives.

This cultivation of connectivity stretches beyond just us. Our whole purpose and mission is to leave the world a little bit better, doing whatever we can — not just our part, but actively looking for ways to play new parts.

Stepping into becoming a certified B Corporation this year, we’re even more focused on hearing other people’s stories; intently listening to identify opportunities where we can pitch in, to partner up and be loud supporters when the time is right.

In addition to our mission every month to donate 10% of our profits — from our slice of the pie, never the artist’s share — we’re saddling up with three new non-profit organizations every four months. So who are we working with now?

Living in the Pacific Northwest we’re pretty lucky to be immersed in a haven of lush greenery. But such an abundance of beautiful rivers, waterfalls and of course, all the living creatures within, require protection from time to time (or more often than not). The people paving the road for protected, sustainable ecosystems? Look no further than to Crag Law Center.

Crag Law is fully community focused — they exist to protect the environment through their expertise (or superpower, depending on who you ask) in environmental justice. From helping Oregon’s wine country to fossil fuel restrictions, the non-profit is often in the fighting ring for important issues that affect all of us. And future generations too.

We’ll be working with Crag Law for the next few months, partnering up through how we donate each month, along with our teams volunteering their time and attention. Who wouldn’t want to work alongside an organization that literally focuses on making the world a better place to inhabit?

Want to learn more about Crag Law Center? Head over to their “news and victories” page to dig into what they’ve been up to and what legal battles they’re tackling.

Local to Portland, Oregon? Crag Law Center is hosting their summer party on Tuesday, July 23rd. Follow this link to RSVP and see you there!

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