Use Music in Video to Bring Your Brand to Life


Searching for the right music for your video can mean endless digging — listening to perhaps hundreds of choices before landing on that one song to bring everything together. In that magical moment, it’s as though the artist created that “holy grail” of songs specifically just for you.

Placing such a perfect song to picture is a pretty good sign your viewers will dig your video that much more too, hopefully sharing it with their friends — then those friends sharing with their friends, until it’s an infinity sharing with friends.

Austin-based company, the Howler Brothers make these very kind of shareable videos and short films. Their speciality is small-batch apparel, think ‘laid-backness of someone into coastal sports’ meets ‘well-seasoned traveller-explorer-adventurer;’ product aside, Howler Brothers has created a unique culture and presence through their videos and short films.

Founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian apply their passion for music, the ocean and sunny destinations throughout their journal. Their content is transportive, making us enviously wishful to be invited into their tequila tasting, sun-basking tribe.

In their “Los Hermanos de Howler” video, they capture their crew’s journey to south of the Mexican border. Featuring “Cumbia Del Olvido (instrumental)” by Nicola Cruz, the good times spent in Michoacán unfold to Cruz’s electronic ‘Andes Step.’

The video tackles several important feats that every content creator will has to face: telling a story through a branded lens, that garners outside interest. It offers up what it’d be like to kick it with the company, it’s an experience.

In their other video “Hill Country Sliders, “ their team introduces a new apparel collection through the story of wandering landlocked surfers in search of some sweet waves. Featuring “Two Bikes and a Surfboard” by El Depravo, the two minute video offers up a comedic twist all while letting viewers know about the brand’s latest launch.

Both of these videos are absent of verbal dialogue from the onscreen actors yet the content still engages — the brand comes alive through their choice of music (the Howler Bothers are musicians themselves after all), along with their team portraying what it’s like to kick it with them. One serves as a ‘get to know us and what we’re up to’ video and the other highlights a new product.

Check out more of Howler Brother’s content for inspiration on using music in videos, then start thinking how you can incorporate music into your own film & vide to create branded gold.

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