New and Noteworthy: Latest Music Placements

Ask most of our team why they love their jobs and a common response you’ll elicit is, “I love helping musicians earn a living through their art.” While 2020 has really thrown a curveball into the music industry (and beyond), we are so grateful to have the honor and privilege to continue to support musicians with sync opportunities through tough times.

Check out some of Marmoset’s latest sync magic below. And wear a damn mask.

State of Oregon // A Mask is Just a Mask

Client: Wieden + Kennedy

Song: Julian by Sun Shapes

Facebook // My New Office

Client: Across The Pond

Song: I’ve Been Working On The Railroad by Hip Hatchet (Marmoset Studio Customization)

Twitter // #BlackJoy

Client: Twitter

Song: Caught The Feelingby SNVRS

Rapha // Rapha + Outdoor Voices

Client: Rapha

Song: Two Bikes and a Surfboard by El Depravo

Simmons Sleep // Just For Fun ZzZs

Client: Burns Group

Song: VOLUME UP by wOW.NeAT.FuN.C0oL

GoDaddy // 2020 Pride Video

Client: GoDaddy

Song: Tide, Ferocious by Amy Seeley

Starz // Vida, Episode 304

Client: Noise Racket

Song: Tonta ft. Ma-lessby Internet Daughter

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