Orchestral Artists You Need to Hear


Holy string section! The sweeping arrangements of orchestral music has been pleasing crowds everywhere for hundreds of years, in part due to their intricacy and another their ability to capture a wide range of energy and emotions, from epic to peaceful, burdened to hopeful.

And although orchestral music has been a partner to film for a shorter amount time, its partnership is strong, helping pull out emotions into a scene and drive narrative — from the big, booming entrance of a story’s antagonist to the rom com moment in the rain.

We’ve pulled together a smattering artists making some of the most thought-provoking and magical orchestral music out there. Whether you’re looking for powerful, cinematic scores a la Austin-based composer, Keen Collective, or reflective, revelatory journeys like those crafted by Wisconsin-based composer, Matthew Hollingsworth, the options are endless (and beautiful).  

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