Meet Riot Pop Group, WASI


WASI fosters a fire-starter sound both personal and danceable. The musical group defies boundaries by borrowing inspiration across genres. From indie pop to punk to alt-hip hop, the musical group creates a self-defined genre that lives under the invention of riot pop.

Reminiscent melodies, angst-ridden lyrics and an uplifting aura, WASI is a voice and advocate for a genre-less youth going through their own tender time.

Read on to learn more about what the riot pop group is up to this summer.


Marmoset: What’s one of the most memorable live shows you’ve ever played?

WASI: The most memorable live show we’ve ever played was for the Ladies Rock Camp, Los Angeles. Not only was the crowd wild but a six-year-old got on stage with us and jammed out on the cowbell!

To add to the story, there was a technical difficulty with our track, so a cowbell played through the speakers throughout the song (without us even realizing it until the first chorus because the six-year-old was playing the cowbell. She remembers that show from two years ago to this day.

M: You put out your debut album, how does it feel?

WASI: It feels great!! It feels like we’re standing there, vulnerable and wearing our hearts on our sleeves. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for us and we’re excited to see where it goes.

M: What were you going for on Riot Pop? Do you feel like you reached that destination?

WASI: On Riot Pop we were going for a sound that authentically captured the chaos on our minds with the chaos of the world. I feel like we did capture that — especially with [the album’s] dark lyrics and lighthearted sound. We recorded a lot of it ourselves in our closet, so that in itself also captures its own authenticity that we wouldn’t have been able to in a studio.

M: Your music is very expressive and meaningful. What does riot music mean you and why is it important for everyone?

WASI: Riot music to us is essentially punk at heart — music that defies the status quo and does its own thing. Riot doesn’t have to be loud instruments and fast beats. It can be something that creeps, makes you feel angst and craziness without having to attack the same way.

Lyrically, it’s music that stands for something. For us, we are so much about authentic spaces and power for the underdog. Our songs speak from that point of view with an optimistic lens.

M: Where do you pull your inspiration from?

WASI: We pull inspiration from stories that inspire us to change the world. I have family who immigrated here with nothing and have built everything they have. That to me is a huge part of who I am as an artist and the gratitude I check myself with every night.

We pull inspiration from the powerful relationships we form and how giving back to the world can help heal our own trauma. We pull inspiration from living in the boiling pot of Los Angeles, traveling and meeting folks from all over and hearing their individual stories.

M: How would you describe Riot Pop in one sentence?

WASI: Riot Pop is our set of uplifting, anthemic songs that take punk and pop to a new level of high vibrations.

Dig into WASI’s pulsing riot pop starting with some of our faves:

Fire” // “Floor Talk” // “Gets Me Everytime” // “Ricochet

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