The 2019 Albums We’ve Really Been into This Year


With several weeks left in 2019, the Marmoset Team looks back on all the music that’s made the past 365 days great. The year was all about artists like Lizzo and Billie Eilish pushing past mainstream’s threshold, garnering explosive hype and adoration from fans — and we’re all about it.

Marmoset’s 2019 Top Picks List stretches from music by time-honored talent like Solange and Wilco, going on to include lesser known gems we think you’ll love. Keep scrolling for the albums we can’t get enough of this year — and tell us what you think we missed.



by Kishi Bashi

“Omoiyari” is a Japanese word meaning “to have sympathy and compassion toward another person.” Kishi Bashi’s songs are unabashedly American, taking inspiration from the stories, emotions, and consequences of the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII.

My own Japanese American grandparents subscribed to the phrase, “Shikata ga nai” or “it cannot be helped” in relation to their experiences during the war, remaining overwhelmingly silent about it. The themes throughout Omoiyari are terrifyingly relevant to today’s social and political climate, and its songs feel like a peer into the stories & emotions my grandparents never shared with me. I wept upon first listen, and cannot wait for the accompanying documentary film, slated for release in 2020.”

— Alex Paguirigan, Music Licensing Creative


Simpatico by Golden Daze

Simpatico by Golden Daze is a wispy pop dream with delicate harmonies reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel. Songwriters Jacob Loeb and Ben Schwab create a world living somewhere between the legendary Laurel Canyon era of music and Elliott Smith’s beautiful, melancholic introspection.”

— David Katz, Music Producer


1000 gecs by 100 gecs

“If we’re talking noteworthy, 100 gecs first full length LP 1000 gecs is worth talking about. The 23 minute long album is crammed with everything from dubstep to metal, ska, and chiptune. If you think that insane blend of influences sounds over the top…you’d be right, but it also results in some of the catchiest, absurdist-pop-punk this side of the 2010’s.”

— Nathaniel Schmidt, Project Manager


As If It Were Forever

by Anna Wise


Crushing by Julia Jacklin

“I really like the way Julia Jacklin approaches storytelling in her album, Crushing. It’s personal and intimate in a unique way. This quote by her sums it up really well: “For a long time I felt like my head was full of fear and my body was just this functional thing that carried me from point A to B, and writing these songs was like rejoining the two.”

— Jessica Cassady, Director of Marketing


Tomb by Angelo De Augustine

“I hadn’t heard of Angelo De Augustine before Tomb, but he absolutely floored me with this album. The lyrics tell a sad story, but you’d never know upon first listen. The bright production and warm, soothing instrumentation wash over you, but his breathtaking vocals are what make this album truly magical.”

— Marissa Hernandez, Music Licensing Creative


When I Get Home

by Solange


What Makes Vulnerability Good by Like a Villain

“Portland’s loss is NY’s gain. They’re a powerhouse with one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen, every time. You can’t help but be moved.”

— Tim Shrout, Senior Producer


Good Luck, Kid by Joseph

“Good Luck, Kid by Joseph is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. Spotify might think it’s the only thing I’ve listened to since it came out. The lyrics throughout the album sound like heartfelt messages to each of the sisters in the band. They express some really deep themes about the ups and downs of relationships, and it has a sincere down to earth feel. The harmonies of the sisters sound incredible as usual!”

— Matt Lemine, Biz Affairs Manager


Outer Peace

by Toro y Moi

“In Outer Peace, Chaz Bear deadpan-sings about being burned out and tired in your early 3s, set against his house-tinged, dancey melodies. It’s a bop.” — Marilynn Wexler, Project Manager


Bandana by Freddie Gibbs

“Freddie Gibbs reinvents himself for his second collaborative project with the dark horse of the beat-making community, Madlib. Freddie offers an in-depth look into his life, trails and tribulations and the consequences that have come with his decisions over some truly beautiful, sampled beats.”

— Alex Dixon, Creative Coordinator


La Torre Ibiza Volumen Tres by Various Artists

“I’ve been looking forward to La Torre’s Vol. 3 release for a while. English DJ Mark Barrott is famous for his seaside sunset sets at Hostal Restaurante la Torre in Ibiza and this is his third installment of chill, Balearic left-field goodness.”

— Michael Van Pelt, Artists & Repertoire Senior Catalog Manager


Mujeres by Y La Bamba

“Luz continues to grow exponentially in her never-ending well of creativity without losing her core authenticity. This album is utterly unique and the psychedelic touches appropriately represent her ever expanding brilliance.”

— Amy Sabin, Operations Manager


Ma by Devendra Banhart

“Devendra really makes you wait between his albums but luckily this one did not disappoint. I love his style and I love the group of musicians he gathered to play on this one (esp. Noah Georgeson, who’s one of my favorite producers).”

— Nicole Wilson, Music Producer


Father of the Bride

by Vampire Weekend


Ode to Joy

by Wilco


Ma by Devendra Banhart

“Devendra really makes you wait between his albums but luckily this one did not disappoint. I love his style and I love the group of musicians he gathered to play on this one (esp. Noah Georgeson, who’s one of my favorite producers).”

— Nicole Wilson, Music Producer


Heard It in a Past Life by Maggie Rogers

“Every album I’ve listened to has several songs I didn’t care for; I think the majority of people who listen to music feel similarly. To my surprise, there is not a single song in Heard It In a Past Life I do not thoroughly enjoy. That is a rare feat in my eyes! Furthermore, I went to a show during this album’s tour, and Maggie Rogers performed the songs even better live.”

— Emeline Le-McConnell, Relationships Coordinator



by Charli XCX

“She’s been sneakily influencing pop music for almost a decade now, and I think this album is proof that the future of the genre is safe in Charli’s hands.”


Forever Turned Around by Whitney

“Whitney’s sophmore album, Forever Turned Around doesn’t disappoint. They continue to mature and craft songs that feel instantly classic and warm the soul.”

— Reid MacKenzie, Music Producer


At the Party With My Brown Friends by Black Belt Eagle Scout

At the Party With My Brown Friends by Black Belt Eagle Scout is special because she’s a local Portland musician who writes from an indigenous female perspective. She also shreds!”

— Cici Harrison , Product Owner


Good At Falling

by The Japanese House

“Good At Falling is one of those albums that does an amazing job of encompassing a full spectrum of emotions. The songs themselves are beautiful to listen to — the production and vocals are stunning, but the lyrics also have an element of mystery that sticks with you.”

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