See What Happens When Girls Step into the Game



“Girls don’t do sports where I come from”

Soccer Without Borders believes in creating a ripple effect through positive impact. Their North Star is community, breaking down barriers for girls around the world every day. Their mission is to create thriving spaces for youth to grow and prosper within — to access a better quality of life despite facing economic, cultural and social barriers.

So how does a little black and white ball tie into helping girls build positive futures? The organization garners soccer as a universal tool for empowerment. On the field, participants come together, supporting one another as a team while building valuable relationships. Above all else, here is a safe space for tapping into personal growth — a form of equity in which many girls are not always granted.

Marmoset is a proud supporter and believer in Soccer Without Borders’ mission. And so when it came time to score original music for their Girls in the Game campaign, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Watch the video below, then head to Soccer Without Borders to learn how you can help girls stay in the game.

Soccer Without Borders has reached over 10,000 girls from over 50 countries of origin. Their year-round programs maintain between 30-40% girls participation each year, more triple the global average of 10% female participation (FIFA).

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