Featured Work from Wild Confluence Media + Audubon Alaska

As Oregon and much of the West coast sees one of the worst wildfire seasons in years, Marmoset is drawn to share this beautiful 3-part series by Wild Confluence Media. The series explores three stories surrounding the protection of the Tongass Rainforest in South Eastern Alaska.

Director, Colin Airsman, scores these stories beautifully with music by Keen Collective, Joseba, Erik Luebs, Golden Dunes, Jonathan Haidle, and Marmoset Artist Collab, Vintage Twin.

Watch the episodes below:

Full Film Credits:

Presented by Audubon Alaska
Created by Wild Confluence Media
Produced by Elsa Sebastian
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Colin Arisman
Post Audio by Carlos Hernández
Music Courtesy of Marmoset
Supported by Peak Design and Patagonia

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