Debut Album ‘Sensitive Creature’ From Frankie Simone

Released on Marmoset’s record label Infinite Companion, Sensitive Creature is Frankie Simone’s debut full-length album, marking the next evolution of the Portland-based artist’s genre-defying pop. It’s a fitting follow up to their first EP — where LOVE//WARRIOR explodes in unapologetic queer rebellion, Sensitive Creature looks inward, following Frankie and their wife Che Che Luna as they navigate non-monogamy. Interspersed with intimate voice memos, the album samples elements across R&B and hip hop while taking the listener on a personal exploration of polyamory and self-love. The result is 34 minutes of cathartic and (sometimes painfully) vulnerable pop that insists you get up on your feet and dance.

“I wrote Sensitive Creature during the depths of the darkest depression I’ve experienced in my life. The emotional rollercoaster I dredged through during that time is intricately woven into the sonic landscape of this record,” says Frankie. “At the pinnacle of my greatest loss yet, I turned inward, and found a bountiful well of personal discovery, self growth, and truly fell in love with myself for the first time in my life. And somehow amidst that darkness I started to not feel so alone. I hope no matter what folx might be moving through in their lives, no matter how depressed or heartbroken or how much pain they’re in — they can listen to this record and feel less alone too.”

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