Find What Feeds You: A Filmmaker Profile of Amar Chebib

Amar Chebib’s films are empowering and empathetic. Driven by a desire to explore transformation and the human condition, Chebib discovers his subjects along with the viewer, creating honest and intimate work that uses aesthetics to build emotional worlds that go beyond linear storytelling.

Chebib’s films include Joe Buffalo, a short documentary executive produced by Tony Hawk and released by the New Yorker, which includes eight Marmoset songs. His upcoming work will also use Marmoset music, including a short film for the Canadian Cancer Society and “Through The Valley,” which profiles Darius Sam, a 20-year-old Indigenous ultrarunner who set out on a 100 miler in subzero December to raise awareness about addiction and mental health issues in his community.

In this filmmaker profile video produced by Marmoset, Chebib dives into his approach to filmmaking, how he got started and why he chooses to make films.

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